Sep 24, 2008
A new version for supporting Winows XP SP2/SP3 had been released. You can download the newest version in "Download" area.


   Oct. 27, 2006
   Two new texture files can be downloaded at Exchange area, Thanks for anne and cannonball.

About Paper Folding 3D   

Paper folding is an art to make all kinds of shapes of things with paper. A simple piece of paper, when folded a few times by an artist, will deliver lively objects. Existing as a traditional craft for over one thousand years, Chinese people of different ages love it.

"Paper Folding 3D" is a 3 dimensional, view from any direction, multi-view guide program. When you use this program, no matter from front, back, or sides, every detail, can be seen very clearly. The program offers you 130 models, including birds, fish, and useful daily objects. The program can also print out plenty of pretty color pictures to use for folding. The user can design custom model texture by using the frame lines exported by the software.

   Main features :
      * 3 dimensional, view from any direction, multi-view guide;
      * 130 models;
      * more than 180 textures.


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